Confine and Design! We designed as a form of resistance to the horror of the COVID-19 and we turn confinement into a space of creation and freedom. Aptimist is a term coined by the creative and designer Ray Díaz, who combines the word activist and optimist. It is an Activism Design project that proposes to design students, as a possibility, a commitment to the world around them.
This educational project is a didactic strategy for design students to become familiar with sustainability in an experimental, entertaining and original way. It is intended that the students, through their designs, propose to give answers or their point of view to the problems of the world and the climate emergency. Students from IED Madrid and IED Barcelona participate in the project.

Direction and Design Staff:
Concept and project management: Ray Díaz / Anthropological research: Tatiana Abreu Romão / Logo Design: Federica Neri / Web design and development: Roberto Hoffmann / Design of posters, icons and selfie, group of students: IED Madrid and Barcelona